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Espresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Machine AEM13 with 1 Group

Espresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Machine AEM 13 with 1 Group


With digital screen and digital controller suitable for Industrial automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with 1 group cappuccino machine connected to the system dosed automatically.


Width of Espresso coffee machine : 69 cm
Depth of Espresso coffee machine : 50 cm
Height of Espresso coffee machine : 49 cm
Capacity of hot water tank of Espresso coffee machine : 5 liter
Voltage of Espresso coffee machine :220/380 Volt, 50 Hz
Heating power of Espresso coffee machine : 3200 Watts
Weight of Espresso coffee machine : 53 kgs.


Body and other parts on Espresso Coffee Machine: Electrostatic paint / Stainless Steel / Heat resistant special plastic
Espresso coffee Machine has capacity of approximately  60-130 cups of coffee per hour
Esthetic outer look that will complete with stylish look of your place.
Reliable and easy to use digital electronically controled keypad on Espresso coffee Machine
Permanent new look by patented special scracth proof and dirt proof outer body
Cappuccino Making Machines programable electronic presteeping system

Gives standart aroma taste via SEQ (Standart Espresso Quality) system
Warning system for spoiled coppucinos that is made at Cappuccino Making Machines if it is spoiled.
Cappuccino Making Machine is innovative and full automatic, it has TSC system ( controlling stream sleeve) stops to make milk foam when arrived to sufficient.
Cappuccino Making Machines let you make cappuccino or latte milk  via one botton
Every botton can be programmed 12 different milk foam levels and degrees
Cappuccino Making Machines stream sleeves are cleaned easily via special produced unstick materials
Above electronic works are done  via little computer in Espresso Coffee Machine
Electrostatic painted side shutters and body on Espresso coffee machine
Front panel made of stainless chromium steel on Espresso coffee machine
Waste water tank and grate made of stainless chromium steel
Upper plate made of stainless chromium steel to keep the coffee cup hot(with dry type warmer resistance other than the heat of boiler tank )
Coffee production as much as the capacity by the automatic boiler tank heat control system
Quick warming the water by powerfull and high quality resistance
Safe use with ÔÇťtwist and lockÔÇŁ coffee nozzles on Espresso coffee machine
To order please call 0212 2370749


Leak proof special solenoid valves on Espresso coffee machine
Espresso coffee machine has internal scale water pump
Seen water level via special glass pipe indicater.
By the help of Automatic water level control unit in the espresso coffee machine it is prevented from drying and possible breakdowns
Espresso coffee machine has high heat and steam resistant steam outlet handles and taps
Espresso coffee machine has heat resistant body design,inner equipments and parts
Espresso coffee machine has a warning light when the resistance is on
Espresso coffee machine has a gauge to show the steam pressure inside the main boiler tank
Espresso coffee machine has been designed as small as possible to save space on counter
All precaution are availbale against to any safety failure via safety valves on the pressure heater box
Espresso coffee machine can be used by connecting to a drinkable sufficient clean water plumbing
Espresso coffee machine has to be connected to plumbing to discharge the water or coffee spilled over the coffee cup or coffee nozzles
Espresso coffee machine has standart Espresso coffee accessories and parts
Espresso coffee machine has a nozzle contols 2 outlets that you can make 2 cups of filtered coffee at same time, nozzle contols 1 outlet that you can make 1 cup of filtered coffee, 2 steam discharge and routing handles, 1 tap to discharge the high heat water, coffee measurement spoon and cleaning brush, adjustable stand, detachable disposal tray…..

As an optional accessory you can use coffee grinder (charged additional and less expencive if purchased together with a new Espresso coffee machine)


Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the device.
Espresso Cappuchino machine is 2 years guarantied (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
Espresso Cappuchino machine is guarantied to supply spare parts for 15 years (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749


Prices include installation , testing and application information and free of charge after installation area plumbing and electrical system  is ready for installation.

If you allready have an espresso machine out of order you can call our technical service to repair it at 0212 2370759.


This Espresso Coffee making Machine is very practical and easy to use that for to┬á make different type of coffee(such as espressos Doppio Lungo Ristretto Espresso Macchiato Cappuccino CaffeÔÇÖ latte Latte macchiato ) it provides automatic and effective work. It is convenient for houses, small and middle cafes and companies. In cafes, houses and companies it gives prestige to the environment with itsÔÇÖ stylish look.Coffee does not lose anything from its taste and aroma while filtering by itsÔÇÖ automatic and steady working heating and steaming system. All coffee machines here are all very usefull to make fast and hygienic coffee. We would be glad to help you if needed….. Please call 0212 2370749


With digital screen and digital controller suitable for coffe whole sellers as a promotion perfect gift to cutomers. With service after salesÔÇÖ support of autorized sellers and with the guarantiy of 15 spare parts keeping you can buy┬á and do not live any problem. To order┬á call 0212 2370749

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Cay Ocagi Cay Makinasi Su Sebili Satisi 0212 2370749 - Serbetlik Ayranlik Endustriyel Mutfak Proje Sanayi Mutfagi Kurma Paslanmaz Celik Urunler Bulasik Makinasi Cay Kazani 0212 2370759

Cay Ocagi Cay Makinasi Su Sebili Satisi 0212 2370749 - Serbetlik Ayranlik Endustriyel Mutfak Proje Sanayi Mutfagi Kurma Paslanmaz Celik Urunler Bulasik Makinasi Cay Kazani 0212 2370759

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