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2 Groups Espresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Machine AEM23

2 Groups Espresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Maker Machine AEM 23


Two Groups System Connected Industrial Full Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine- 2 Groups Cappuccino Machine

Espresso Machine Width : 85 cm
Espresso Machine Depth : 50 cm
Espresso Machine Height : 49 cm
Espresso Machine Hot Water Reservoir Capacity : 11 Liters
Espresso Machine Voltage : 220 Volts ÔÇô 3 Phase (works with 380 Volt Triphase electricity ), 50 Hz
Espresso Machine Heating Power : 4300 Watts
Espresso Machine Weight : 76 Kg

Espresso machineÔÇÖs Body and other parts: Electrostatic Painted / Stainless Steel / Special Plastic Durable Against Heat
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Hourly app. 120-240 cups coffee production capacity
In the espresso machine esthetic outlook completes your placeÔÇÖs class outlook
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Reliable and easy usage pre-programmed digital electronic control touch pad

Espresso machineÔÇÖs Electrostatic painted side lids and body
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Stainless chrome steel made front panel
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Stainless chrome steel made waste water reservoir and grill
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Stainless chrome steel made top coffee cup hot keeping plate ( excluding heat rising from boiler tank dry type heater resistance )

In the Espresso machine Automatic boiler tank with temperature control system instant coffee production according to production capacity
This espresso machine heat water quickly with Strong and quality resistance
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Electronic card controlled automatic coffee water dosage system

Espresso Coffee exit parts ÔÇťRoll, LockÔÇŁ system safe usage
To the Espresso machine You can call in your need 0212 2370749
In the Espresso machine special solenoid valves without dripping
In the Espresso machine Internal measured water pump is present
Espresso machineÔÇÖs Automatic water level control prevents the dehydration of the device and possible problems are avoided.

Vapor exit arms and taps durable against high heat and vapor
Body design durable against heat , inside equipment and parts
Warning light which shows resistance is on
Mechanic pressure indicator which shows pressure of the vapor inside the main heater tank
System water entering the device is with pressure indicator, with the help of this indicator it makes it able to see the water pressure pumped by the device pump at the same time

It is designed at the smallest volume to save from usage space
All kinds of precautions are taken with security pistons on the Pressure Heater Container
It is used by connecting to water system of clear water at a quality of drinking
It should be used by connected to waste water exhaust to get rid of the dripping from arms and extra water from cups and extra amount of coffee to be exhausted.

Standard Espresso Coffee Accessories, Parts
Filtered coffee arm which fills 2 coffee cups at the same time (with 2 exits), Filtered coffee arm which fills 1 coffee cup (with 1 exit), On the machine 2 vapor taking directing stick, 1 unit of hot temperature water taking tap, Coffee measurement spoon and cleaning brush, Heightened foot team, De montaged Exhaust tableÔÇŽ

Moreover can be used as an accessory Coffee Eater as an option ( price can be bought additionally with a fee, much more cheaper sold with a new machine)

Espresso machine Note: Our firm, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the device.
Under 2 year guarantee (This valid inside the borders of Turkey-For mass sales made abroad, replacement parts are given with no fee.)
15 year replacement part stock guarantee. (Charged with service fee)
English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749

If you have a similar Espresso coffee making machine and it is out of order Click to Call Technical Service to repair the espresso machine or Dial 0212 2370759

This Espresso Coffee Making Machine is very usable and with easy usage gives automatic and efficient working in your different types of coffee making business (Doppio Lungo Ristretto Espresso Macchiato Caffe ÔÇś latte Latte macchiato etc. espressos). It is suitable for middle and big size cafes, restaurants, hotel and big workplaces. In cafes, hotel and restaurants workplaces gives a different kind of ambiance with its class outlook to its surrounding environment. Regular and automatic heating working water, with vapor making system coffee is filtered taste and aroma get out without being lost. Coffee making machines here are hygienic and very beneficial devices in quick coffee making. We are glad to help if you needÔÇŽCall 0212 2370749

Automatic Espresso Making Machine is just for you if you want to make standard espressos in the moment you want with taste. Not like other espresso machines it is very easy to use and works problem-free, in possible problems and for periodic maintenance its technical service support is flawless. You can call 0212 2370749